5 Tips and Tricks for Super Mario Maker


Jul 25, 2016
Nintendo DS
  1. This is how the game looked last year.
    It has come very, very far indeed!
  2. While there are no actual one-way Warp Pipes in Super Mario Maker like in the actual Super Mario games (almost all Super Mario games).
  3. Unlike the actual Super Mario Bros. games (almost all Super Mario games), you always get a fixed power-up.
    In an actual Super Mario game, you'd get a Mushroom if you're (small) Mario and a Fire Flower (or a game-specific item like Penguin Suit, Super Leaf, Cape Feather, et cetera) if you're Super (big) Mario, but in Super Mario Maker, youalways get one specific power-up.
    There is one way to make this work, though.
    If you put two Yoshis visible on screen (they need to be hatched, so you can just put two Yoshi Eggs in a box where Mario cannot access them and where they'll just hatch automatically) and put a Yoshi Egg inside a ? Block, Brick Block, or invisible ? Block, you get a Mushroom if you're (small) Mario, a Fire Flower if you're Super (big) Mario, and a Cape Feather if you're Fire Mario.
    In New Super Mario Bros., this functions exactly the same way except you get a Propeller Mushroom rather than a Cape Feather if you're Fire Mario for obvious reasons.
    This unfortunately does not work in the Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3 course styles as there are no Yoshi in those course styles, unfortunately.
    Yoshi would be awesome in Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3, though, regardless of this trick being used in this scenario or not.
  4. You can click the letters on the title screen (aka main menu) to spawn various different things and get various different effects.
    You can also try to move to trigger the level so you can actually play it. A second player can do this as well.
  5. You can skip courses in the 100 Mario Challenge by holding the - (select) button for three seconds, or swiping the screen in any direction. You will not lose a life doing this unless you just died right before skipping the level. Skipping courses will just give you a new random level, but you will not advance in the game, so in other words, skipping a level 16 times in the Normal/Expert mode of 100 Mario Challenge won't automatically win you the game, it will just give you 16 different courses at the first spot/level of the 100 Mario Challenge. You can use this to skip levels that are troll-ish, levels that are way too difficult (,but don't give up too easily!), or just levels that are boring such as automatic levels, unless you really want the game to automatically progress for you without you doing anything. Mario wins by doing absolutely nothing!.
Bullet points 1 and 2 have activated my homogenized pork detector.
From a hardcore super mario lover and fan, thanks for all the tips and tricks. Keep them coming.

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