$70 for a Pro controller

Its actually pretty cool that you can use a phone charger. It also means that you dont always have to plug in a bulky charger and take up all of the room on a powerpoint
$10 more than your average controller will be worth it if HD rumble is used by developers and for those who use Amiibo's. I want for the dpad for SF, Tetris etc. I hope I will be able to find a Pro Controller to buy at this point.
Pro controller available on Best Buy website for Pre-Order you may want to hurry if you want one. 01/27/17 6:09 pm EST
That lasted what, an hour or two?
wow, what with all this expensive troubles Switch seems to be causing, I'm liking my decision to hold off. Im getting BOTW for wii u and will wait either until i can't take it anymore or for some awesome Mario special edition comes out. I learned my lesson with wii u: i HAD to have it immediately, and got all the controllers i could find and, nothing went with anything. Maybe I'm just getting old but i found a little patience. I hope everything works out for those who are preordering and putting up some serious $.
Yeah, if the switch ends up having a release schedule like the wii u, this will be the last time I get a Nintendo console at launch. It looks like it will be better, but I ain't holding my breath.
I really don't see why there is so much fuss about the pro controller cost or the Switch accessories in general. The base set comes with everything you need the extra accessories aren't needed. The Pro Controller with the extra features being $10 more isn't that bad in my opinion. The reality of it accessories for game systems in general are overpriced. Just my opinions to each there own. I personally am excited for the Switch March 3rd can't come soon enough.
^ I can't speak for others, but a $300 Nintendo system with top-tier accessory and game prices and paid online, might cause some people to wait.
Shane I get where your coming from and it is a lot of money to shell out. I sold my Majoras Mask 3d's to cover the system cost. But If Pre-Orders are any indication seems like the Switch is getting off to a good start. If they can delivery on the promised games for this year including Mario for the holiday season I think they will do well. Again only my opinion. PBA
If they can actually deliver, the switch will do a lot better than either the wii u or the gamecube. I want Zelda, FE warriors, and Xenoblade 2 this year, but I honestly expect Xeno to get delayed to next year (at least for the west) and I'm not holding my breath on FE warriors. If we do get all 3, then this will be the best first year for a nintendo console as far as I'm concerned. If I only get zelda, I'll be wishing I held off.
USB type C is one of the most exciting things that has happened to consumer technology in recent years. You can already pick up a car charger for $10-15 and don't need to depend on Nintendo on it. It's a truly universal interface.
Yes, I 'm glad that Nintendo are finally going the Universal route for cable types! (it would't be so bad if the proprietary ones they used didn't keep changing on every console. DS, DS Lite, and 3DS all had similar yet different shaped sockets, which kind of got annoying). It was a welcome change to see that the 3DS socket got used for both new 3DS and also for some Wii accessories like the fast-charging wii-remote docks, etc. But TypeC for Switch is even better, as this should hopefully mean that even when they stop making accessories for consoles that get discontinued but we still keep, it won't be so hard to find cables that work on them. (I could go on a rant all day about the 4way adaptor for playing four swords on Gameboy advance). The only way to get hold of those now is 2nd hand, and of course, being cables, they're quite vulnerable. So I dread the day the ones I've get finally get loose connections, as I'll never be able to play that game again!) Fortunately this won't be an issue on Nintendo Switch, so am very happy with Nintendo for finally modernizing their approach on how they do this!
so today i came to one reason why the pro controller might be more, i didnt even know it had the amiibo feature on it and this is the reason why i think its more money, it has the nfc reader for the amiibo inside it plus that new rumble thats in there too..

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