A game starring Zelda?


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Feb 19, 2016
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Considering she's part of a franchise bearing her name, Zelda doesn't get quite enough screen time for my tastes. Her various incarnations, particularly the more modern ones, strike me as just as skillful and adventurous as Link, yet the closest Zelda has ever gotten to a controllable starring role were those terrible CD-i games.

What would you like to see in a Zelda game where Zelda is actually the main character? Should she operate just like Link, or would you like to see some tweaks to the normal Zelda formula?
That would be cool if it happened, but sadly, I don't think I see Nintendo doing that soon. But you never know, they might. I thought it was cool how she was playable in the Hyrule Warriors for Wii U (and soon 3DS) spinoff, so maybe they could stick with the way they made her in that game and put her in her own game like the major LoZ games. That would be cool to me. ^_^
I would love this. In smash bros melee was my favorite game she was in. I was amazing with her. She was so op. Then they came along and totally nerfed her. Now i can't do crap with her. I had to go back to captain falcon like in the old days.
A Legend of Zelda game in which Zelda herself is the protagonist is a fantastic idea, provided that such a game has a sufficiently great story and engaging game play! Something like this to inject more variety and novelty into the series is most welcomed!
In a world where Luigi and Toad get their own games, I don't see why a Zelda-only title would be an impossibility. I like to think that the gaming industry on the whole is waking up to the idea that, yes, female protagonists can work just fine - so long as the game itself is fun. I certainly don't mind running around as a girl, slicing up enemies.

Hmm. Maybe going back to Tetra from Windwaker would work. Imagine getting to sail around the world as her, commanding a pirate crew and raiding dungeons. That sounds sweet.
Given the massive popularity of Ocarina of Time to this day, to the point that it seems like most people consider it to be the greatest entry in the entire Legend of Zelda franchise: how about a sidequel centered around "Sheik?"
Zelda is a goddess, and is really quite mean with a Bow. It would work.
I think in one of the original games you could play as Zelda by setting the hero's name to "Zelda" or something.
This is my first time hearing that too, so I decided to try looking into it just now.

Apparently, entering "ZELDA" as your name had a noticeable effect in many of The Legend of Zelda games:

- In the original two NES games, using the name "ZELDA" started you off in the second quest! (Provided that you've already beaten it once before.)

- In Link's Awakening and The Wind Waker, it changes the background music.

However, I cannot find any mention anywhere else of this letting you play as Zelda in any of the games! So, in which specific game is this supposed to work?
i got two words for y'all: Hyrule Warriors. It is incredibly fun to play as Impa and Zelda. To answer the question, yes i would totally buy this game that starred Zelda, or any Hylian female for that matter. How bout an rpg?
I have a confession to make... I literally thought for the longest time growing up that Link was Zelda. :rolleyes:

I am so glad that someone has brought up this point that the game is titled after the female who isn't the main character that you play with. I would love to play a game that just features Zelda as the main character as it would be beneficial to learn different perspectives of the story or plot than just Link's.
Well @Bloom you are certainly not alone there, but I have a feeling that I discovered that I was wrong a lot earlier than you did, because this was when I was very young and I am not too embarrassed about it. That said, I think I will pass on the game starring Zelda as the main character. I am a big believer in the old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it", and I would like to apply that one here.
2 of them exist on Phillips CDi. Rofl.
Tbh I been proposing this for 2 decades.

Tetra from Wind Waker would make a good one as even before she knew she was a princess she was a young Pirate Captain so she is a badass to begin with.
a game that centers around the Sheik, Zelda and Impa stories would be fantastic. Impa is an awesome warrior. I don't want to spoil any games so ill leave it at that. I do have "Super Princess Peach" here and i think its ok if the boys get captured sometimes too!
I think a Sheik/Zelda game would be a more stealth-focused game like Assassin's Creed or something. I'd like it.
@grahamf i like that idea. How about take it up during OOt. You could play the story of what Sheik is doing behind the scenes while Link is saving the world. Or like Impa's story in Skyward Sword. Why not?
I think it would be pretty awesome. I really want to play a Sheikah Creed game.
When I was little the whole Zelda thing really confused me. You are playing as Link but the franchise is named after Zelda, very strange indeed. It would be interesting to make a game about Zelda but the set up in the current games has not really been great. The world of Zelda is a magical thing and it is possible that they could do a split dimension type of thing. I sat for awhile thinking about a game where you play as Zelda, it is hard to come up with a story line or plot. I do not really see her walking around Hyrule field dispatching spiders with a sword and shield.

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