A good s-video cable

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Mar 16, 2016
I'm shopping for an s-video cable but don't wanna shell out $90+ dollars for a monster cable. Are there any good ones out there other than that?
$90? geeze.

Monoprice has one for $2.50 plus shipping, Amazon has one for $5, and eBay has them for under $2 with free shipping (but expect it to take a month to come in). You don't need an expensive model unless you are constantly stepping on it and kinking it, and even then they might not hold up.
Yeah its price is crazy but it gives a really good quality picture. I'm trying to find something in the middle since I want it to last but don't wanna break the bank. Plus I wanna avoid those cables that have both a composite and an s-video plug since they usually just take the composite wire and split it between the two prongs of the s-video plug. No point in spending even $5 if it isn't gonna give any better picture quality than my composite cable.
That cable has an s vid plug on both ends, don't think I can put it into my 64.

Most videos I've seen comparing the monster to others show it having a much better picture. Like this one-

Not a huge difference but it does look nicer.
Oh, so you're going to need a dedicated N64 adapter. I don't know why I thought it had a S-video port.


It might be simpler to just wire your N64 for component. http://retrorgb.com/n64rgbmod.html
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I believe thats actually a mod for RGB Scart and not component, and while my 64 has the right serial number I didn't really wanna bother with all that modding. (maybe one day) Plus I already have my Dreamcast plugged into the Scart slot on my XRGB Mini upscaler so just plugging this thing into the s-video slot would save me the trouble of having to constantly swap the wires.
Cables are cables. Anyone who buys Monster cables is a fool. Thicker cables are shit. Less durable do not give better picture quality. It's a lie and a myth. Just get a 5 dollar cable and it's fine.
Well 90 dollars for a cable seems way too much, and I am pretty sure that I am not missing anything that I need to know, at least I hope not. I guess I was just unaware of how much of a difference having a higher end cable makes, but if that is the case, I guess that I am also just fine with a little lesser quality if it means me saving some money. I would say shop around and see what you can find.
I ordered one of the official s-video cables from japan for $40. We'll see how it does.

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