A Google Drive Document Idea


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Oct 23, 2017
I had a weird idea that involves a Google Drive Document. I have made a Google Drive Document that is publiclty accesible and editable. It is a blank document at the time of creating this thread and writing this, which I will share a link to. My idea is to let people go crazy within it and edit however they like, and see what people come up with. I doubt that a lot of great stuff will end up being within the document, but I still want to see what people end up doing within the document. I only have a few rules in editing this document.
The rules in editing the document are:
-No Spamming (e.g no spamming a single letter or word a bunch, no hitting enter a thousand times and making 100's of pages simply to make a bunch of pages, etc.)
-No cussing or innapropriate stuff. Keep all things typed or added to the document clean and PG please.

No Google Account Sign In is required to edit the document and is publicly accesible on the internet.
It is at: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DUUVSt8OPsJIYLDiLNcH3GXAZF2r-Id52cX6kVHtWj0/edit?usp=sharing
Now have fun editing the document.
(lol Let's see what people put into it. This should get interested...)
Come to the document. It's pretty empty in there right now.
SHOTS FIRED @Heigw !!! I laughed so hard when i read that this morning. I don't know, it just tickled me. I love a good rib. It's on BTW

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