A Hat in Time 3D platformer might come to Wii U


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Jun 20, 2013
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The Hat in Time is a 3D platformer which is made in the style of Rareware N64 games. The visuals are stunning and are very similar to those of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The developers are hoping to create a game that reflects the style of Banjo Kazooie, DK64, Super Mario 64, and the Legend of Zelda. It isn't confirmed for the Wii U, but the creators are in talk with a publisher about porting the game to Wii U! Being a massive Rare fan, this is extremely exciting to me. Check out their kickstarter page, and maybe make a donation.

I just don't know if I'd trust a beginning developer to make a large-scale 3D platformer. It takes not only skill to make a commercial video game today, but experience in making consumer products and many months of debugging to make something that's a Nintendo-caliber title. Rare was able to pull it off because it had Nintendo's wallet at its disposal, and Nintendo was always willing to put up with Rare's delays. Of course, Rare also had lots of experience with 2D platformers on the SNES prior to Banjo Kazooie.

You know how it is with games. Everything will look nice, the plot will be good and everything, but then slight things about gameplay will annoy you and always remind you that the product is not made by real pros. It's happened to me too many times.
I know what your saying, I find it in skyrim mods all the time, where you find lots of bugs and glitches and you know it isn't a professional product. But they are in talks with a large publisher, an I'm sure if they get a wii u version, the larger Dev will certainly debug and make sure it is a quality product before releasing it. You should listen to the soundtrack! I will post a link in the OP.