A Metroid RPG?

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Feb 28, 2016
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It seems that whenever people talk about certain first party franchises changing, the conversation is dominated by Zelda. There is so much speculation that Zelda Wii U will be more open world and western influenced. But, isn't there another franchise just yearning to be turned into a Skyrim like RPG?

I can't help but reimagine Metroid as a first person action RPG with fully developed skill, weapon, and armor trees. Set up a galaxy of planets that can be explored openly, fill it with bounties (quests), and turn the player loose.

Any ideas?
Yep, I could see that working just fine. Similar to Metroid Prime in execution, but with a larger, more immersive galaxy. Would certainly suit the largely-unexplored facets of the Federation, which surely has plenty of potential for cool storytelling. Even a turn-based Metroid game could work, so long as it's backed up by a cool story.

I suppose one of the larger hurdles would be saddling Samus with some form of partner. Who stacks up in comparison to one of Nintendo's best characters? Though perhaps the sheer variety of weapons and upgrades would give Samus enough versatility that she wouldn't need help...
Well, I would naturally like to see all of the classic weapons and upgrades from earlier entries in the franchise included: varia suit, screw attack, ice beam, wave beam, morph ball, grappling beam, etc, etc, etc so that it actually feels like you're still playing as Samus.

However, in addition to that: I would like to see all new upgrades incorporated into the game that complement its new engine.
@SLTE I don't think Samus needs a team... She is a lone wolf through and through. Imagine the feel of Journey, that sense of being alone with a mission, only coming into contact with others once in a while. I think that is one of the themes Nintendo could play up on with a Metroid RPG... that sense of desolation. The player knows that once they are out in the muck, there is no turning back. So they better go prepared. Finally getting her ship could be the game's version of fast travel. Imagine putting 10 hours or so into a planet and then realizing, "oh crap! There are 9 other planets!"

@aboleth_lich I think she would start out as Zero Suit. Slowly she pieces together her Varia suit. I like the idea of developing the character for your own play style... stealth or tank? Melee or long range?
Existing titles are almost like an action RPG with the developments a gear Samus would aquire.
The openess of the worlds (ok, limited by abilities constraints) adds to the feel of it being an adventure rather than a platformer.

I can imagine the game re-done, keeping the side scrolling nature of the 16 bit titles but on entering a fight it turns into a turn based typical RPG fight event (ala FF series).
Be a cool idea for a tactical RPG like Shin Megami ish horror tactical RPG. I would also be down with a Shadowrun like game.

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