A Switch built on 7nm would get 8hr battery life if it used Sharp's Bezel Free 7.5 inch IGZO display


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Mar 3, 2017
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A Switch Plus that is the exact same size but offers a 7.5 hr battery life and one of Sharp's low power 7.5 inch bezel free IGZO displays would be a glorious thing, and it's easily achievable within 2 years if Nintendo plans ahead. Again, everything else about the Switch's size would be exactly the same, the only differences would be the lack of a bezel, a 7.5 inch 720p or 1080p display and CPU/GPU built on the 7nm node.

TSMC announced that they will start accepting volume orders for their upcoming 7nm node starting next month for mass production in 2018. https://www.google.com/amp/wccftech.com/tsmc-starts-prototype-7nm-chips-2018/amp/ Assuming that Nintendo places a volume order in order to release a Switch Revision in an year or two with significantly larger battery life, what kind of battery life could we expect? 8+ hours is achievable.

The current Switch gets about 3hrs of battery life and uses 20 watts at peak load as per the neogaf thread where the Switch was torn down. This suggests that the current Switch is built on the 20nm process. Could a shrink from 20nm down to 7nm improve the battery life from 3 hours to 8+ hours? The math works out.

This would singlehandedly make Switch the greatest handheld ever made in my opinion. The only thing holding it back as of now is the battery life and the bezel. If an 8 hr battery life is possible, could we organize a campaign to convince Nintendo to place a volume order for the 7nm node for the inevitable Switch revision in 2 years?

In addition, it would be ideal if this revision had smaller bezels (like the 1cm bezels found on the XPS laptop. But again, Nintendo would need to place a volume order for these low power IGZO Bezel Free 7.5 inch screens ahead of time. With slim bezels, they could accommodate a 7.5 inch screen in the exact same size device. They could call it the Switch Plus even if the size isn't any bigger because the screen size and battery life would be much larger.
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That supposed 7-nanometer processor is a publicity stunt by TSMC. It's just a prototype for now, and until we see a finished product manufactured with a 7nm process, this is not real technology. Intel's latest CPUs (7th gen aka Kaby Lake) used in the newest laptops you can find at retail are produced using a 14 nm process.

It'll take at least three years, and even then, good luck convincing Nintendo redesigning their hardware just go get smaller bezels and more battery life.
I don't think they want smaller bezels, they still need to have grip points. Better battery would maybe be nice though
The joycons are the grip points. They don't need any bezel beyond the area devoted to the joycons
this is all good and fine but i have a few questions that nintendo would have to make sure were addressed, Durability being the number one i for one would rather have shorter battery life then a screen that goes edge to edge and on the first accidental drop Shatters when it hits the corner, also whats the refresh rate of these displays and whats the length of life of the screens aka how fast would they burn out. then theres the problem of Sharp being the only maker at the moment and the Tech is super expensive personally rather see nintendo go the OLED way for now until this tech is fully realized. Still think the PSvita has the best screen out there and no im not talking about the newer vita that doesnt have OLED.