ACNH Achievement disappeared!


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Dec 4, 2021
Hi, I was checking my achievements in ACNH and I noticed the "Cornering the stalk market" achievement, which I completed, disappeared. I saw that you have to complete it by selling the turnips on your own island but the thing is that I already finished it but now it's not there. I have the titles that you get when completing the achievement. Does anyone else have this problem?
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NO WAY!!! Well, no i haven't noticed or seen this before, but i have read here and there that there are a few bugs being noticed since the last big huge awesome update. Ill have to check into this.

Welcome by the way @mercyziegler16
anytime! I may have to check out the Rainbow Village.
@dustinb12 I figured out what happened. So I went to a treasure island and did the 999,999,999 bells cheat which put my account in a -65 million debt (yep I did it wrong). Luckily I went to yet another treasure island that was selling turnips for 40,000 (a stack of 100 turnips). I kept selling until the achievement appeared again. Cautionary tale. Don't do this, not worth all the work I had to do. Lesson learned.
Can you explain better how you fixed it? Cause I did the same thing without knowing it did that. What was the other treasure island you used?

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