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Oct 29, 2021
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So, here's my scenario. (Actually happening at the moment.)
There are 2 Switches in the house. My Dad has one and I have one. I bought Animal Crossing New Horizons under my Nintendo account. I will have had the game for 2 years in March 2022, and I've racked up over 200 hours on ACNH alone. (I know that's like, nothing to some people, but I have quite a busy school schedule and usually don't have much time to play.) So, now my Dad wants to play it on his Switch, but doesn't want to pay for another copy since we already own one (on my Switch under my account.)
If I were to sign into his Switch under my name, install it on his Switch, but then he were to launch it under his account and start a new island, would that interfere with my already existing save data on the other Switch?
This probably is a very dumb question and explained really weirdly, but thanks to anyone who helps anyway.
EDIT: I've resolved this. We found a tutorial on YouTube and it worked. We can also play the game simultaneously. My Dad's island is starting to look really good even though it's just the second day, I'm proud of him!

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