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Sep 26, 2015
Today I have Volunteer for one of blood drives for the American Red Cross. I also donated blood to help save lives.
I got a call from the American Red Cross today. They told me I had the rarest blood. that only 6% of the population has. I also made an appointment with them to donate Plasma. They told me I had helped save many lives.
awesome! have you ever donated plasma before? it takes awhile, just be prepared. Good job
What was your blood type? It's rare so it's gotta be like... AB-? B-? AB+? A-?
Well whatever it is, you better stop playing all those videogames! You could get hurt playing tetris and have to go to the hospital and they not have enough of the rare blood for the transfusion! They will end up trying to use an alternative and then you will end up with an acute haemolytic transfusion reaction! Long story short, you will die the next time you play tetris...
The blood that I have is good for everyone. I can also get any type of blood in me for the transfusion. Also I have tons of extra Plasma in my body that I don't need. So I'm donating Plasma next month. I had blood transfusion before.. I'm like Kenny from South Park. I can't die. I just be born again and be the same age. lol

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