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Dec 23, 2013
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ok which ones do you want?

I'm starting with Link, he covers all my bases in games i have and will get. of course 2nd would be Mario/Peach. But id love to have a few more reasons, other than SB, to get Kirby and Captain Falcon. Perhaps this is a test to see which games will be coming.

Come on now! lets get some Star Fox/FZero/METROID going
I have to go with Link, as well. I look forward to when I get Brawl to be able to use the new model of Link. Of course, also want it for the simple fact that my aunt and I play Hyrule Warriors like mad. I want to see this spinner weapon she was going on about.
^ i want to see the spinner as well. am i to assume you haven't played Twilight Princess? i would highly suggest it to you if not, if just to get Midna's fantastic backstory.
I didn't play many LoZ titles. My first one was Windwaker, but I wasn't that big of a fan of it. Then next one after that was Hyrule Warriors. I just mostly watch my aunt play the Legend of Zelda games.

Back on topic, however. If they have an amiibo for Lady Palutena, I'll want to buy that one, as well.
For sure I know that the first one that I will be getting is Mario and then I think that I will be getting Link. Those two are Nintendo characters that I really love.
Santa Clause was good: Link, Peach,Pikachu,Fox,Kirby,Samus,Zelda. these are so cool
There are quite a lot of Nintendo Amiibos out there now since they launched.

While they're really cool and I wish I could get into collecting them, I just don't have the space lol. I have so many other video-game paraphenalia related things that I don't even know where I'd put the Amiibos. Also you have fools like these guys ruining it for everybody else:

I mean it's ridiculous that these people are spending so much money in hatred of certain characters. I envision deaths over these things too in the future, probably during the 2015 Black Friday sales since Amiibos released near the end of 2014. By then they'll probably have tons of figures out...
^ i read the article and that makes me sick. ill take it with a grain of salt, if i had 35G to blow, id use it for love not hate. hate-buy, i learned something today.

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