An Interviewed with Mr. Miyamoto

An Interviewed With mr. Miyamoto

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hi everyone so I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to interview my childhood hero game developer miyamoto I found out that he is not as nice as I imagined and has a very big ego anyway I hope you enjoy the interviewed

Hi mr. miyamoto thank you very much for doing this interview can you introduce yourself please
Miyamoto: Hello! My name is a Subaru Miyamoto, and I am maker of games Mario and Zerda! I also make Mario Golf and Mario Tetris! Many people believe that I make Kirby but no! I did not make that game!
Mr. miaymoto what inspired you to begin a career in game development and pursue this passion as a career
Miyamoto: What silly question! I make game because game is make money! Ha ha ha!
Mr. miyamoto what gave you the intial inspiration for kirby and being able to swallow enemies
Miyamoto: I get inspiration from eating ice cream!
Mr. miyamoto what is your favorite flavored of ice cream
Miyamoto: Is this game interview or conversation about nonsense?!
Mr. miyamoto what was it like growing up in japan during world war 2 and the nuclear attacks.
Miyamoto: Very frightening!!
Do you still do a lot of game development these days or are you mainly focused on being president of nintendo. Do you still write any code at all
Miyamoto: Ever since Iwata pass away I am full time president of company. But you can still expect new game from me! it is about being rpesident of Nintendo!
Do you still write any code at all
Miyamoto: Like decipher of codes? Sounds like fun puzzle idea!
Mr. miyamoto what would you do if I hugged you right now
Miyamoto: No hug! Stay back!
Mr. miyamoto how does it feel to be the inspiration for kids across the planet who want to make games because of you
Miyamoto: It make a me feel good that I am still the best! Always the best!
Mr. miyamoto since you made wii fit do you keep in shape yourself for example do you run or job
Miyamoto: Ha ha ha! What silly question!
Mr. miyamoo by my count you made at least a dozen mario games how did you summon the creativity for so many games
Miyamoto: Creativity is like a snake. You can wrestle with it but can never tame! It will always slip away, then come and bite when are not looking! Then you rush to hospital for snake bite!
Mr. miyamoto did you have an official timeline in mind when you first made zelda
Miyamoto: yes I had entire Zerda series planned from beginning! No!
Mr. miyamoto what is so special about mario and Zelda that make them famous game characters
Miyamoto: Mario is great because people identify with him! But do not a forget Luigi! And save of princess is symbolize confronting of personal demons!
What are your personal demons mr. miyamoto
Miyamoto: Did you forget I am rich and famous!
Mr. miyamoto why did the virtual boy fail and have you thought about bringing it back now that virtual reality is becoming popular again
Miyamoto: Why Nintendo bring back console from 20 years ago!!!!! We are focus on 3D game now!
Mr. miyamoto why are you and nintnedo so focused on 3d games and have you ever thought about making games in 4 or more dimensions
Miyamoto: There is 4 dimension tic tac toe game for NES!
Now that nintendo released mario maker are you ever worried that someone will make levels better than yours
Miyamoto: Absolutely not!
Mr. miyamoto how do I defeat ripley in metroid zero mission he is very hard
Miyamoto: You can find secret powerups in that game! Get powerful and win!
Where are the powerups mr. miyamoto
Miyamoto: What the kind of question is that?!
Mr. miyamoto what would you say is the most influential game that influenced you the most
Miyamoto: How many question are there?! This is long interview!
What advice would you give for young people in love mr. miyamoto
Miyamoto: Get a life! Love is for people too lazy to make game!
Mr. miyamoto what was your reaction when mario brothers sold one billion copies last year
Miyamoto: I am think, I get very rich! Ha ha ha!
What was the game that influenced you the most in your career
Miyamoto: Probabry Wind Waker!
Mr. miyamoto since you are from japan what are some animes that you like
Miyamoto: Don't want cartoon!
Mr. miyamoto what are some practical ways for aspiring developers to improve their creativitiy
Miyamoto: If you are not creative person, give up! Go work at McDonalds!
What is your favorite place to go on vacation
Miyamoto: My mansion! Ha ha ha!
Mr. miyamoto are you going to get frozen in carbonite when you die to preserve your incredible brain
Miyamoto: That is good idea! I will become immortal!!!
Have you ever thought about going to the moon
Miyamoto: How silly! I have a no mansion on the moon!
Mr. miyamoto what do you think is the future of games and do you think that mobile games will take over
Miyamoto: In future, game will be so advanced, that you do not play it! Game save you time and play itself! And all game will be in 3D!
What is your favorite food
Miyamoto: Sandwich!
Favorite animal
Miyamoto: Lobster!
What about iguanas
Miyamoto: No!
Thank you mr. miyamoto I think that's all the questions I had just one more question what advice would you give to aspiring game developers
Miyamoto: Thank you for the interview! Good luck on the future and make sure to buy all my games!


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thats funny, i was just today telling my daughter about how he came up with the idea for Pikmin as she was playing Pikmin 3. What's that?

my bad, wrong Miyamoto.