An Open Letter To Nintendo


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Jan 4, 2017
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Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am well aware this will never reach any one of any importance over at Nintendo and if it ever does I am positive they won't care, but I want to say this regardless. I recently read that Pokemon Go profited $115 million last quarter. While part of me wants to congratulate you, part of me wants me to beg you to stop this. These "free" mobile games with micro-transactions are murdering the video game industry. I understand this is a cheap and easy way for you guys to make a LOT of money. You look at the model and go, why would we put a ton of resources into a game that we are going to sell to a person once for a marginal fee when we can put next to no effort into a game that a person is going to pump money into FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Now with Mario Go out I just fear the worst. Come 2020 you may just give up and the only games we will see from Nintendo will be exclusively mobile games with such titles as: Hyrule Castle Keeper (some sort of combination of zelda and castle crashers), Dk's banana bounce (basically just Mario Go with a Donkey Kong skin), and the new Kirby app (which is basically nothing, you pay micro-transactions so that kirby can "eat" another app allowing you to use that app in the Kirby app). By the way if any of these become real I expect royalties. You are supposed to be the gaming industry we can trust, so please lead the way out of this mobile gaming hell. Show those other companies that you are better than this. Just please, save the gaming industry. Thank you, once again, to anyone who took the time to read this.
A concerned gamer.
welcome. trust me, we are all passionate one way or another about Nintendo.
Nintendo didn't make Pokemon Go or get any of those profits.

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