Android sticks for gaming

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Oct 15, 2012
It looks like console gaming is making an unexpected shift with the sudden proliferation of super cheap (like $40) Android USB sticks on Amazon and other stores. They basically plug into your TV and give you a full Android computer, which outputs 1080p on your big screen. These sticks work with all sorts of keyboards, remotes, and game controllers.

Here's a picture of a Chinese device called MK808.

As these devices continue to get more powerful, it wouldn't surprise me if they slowly started to displace regular gaming consoles in the living room. With full Google Play support, they will play any sophisticated game that the hardware will handle, and Google Play multiplayer infrastructure will probably continue to improve exponentially too. I'm really rooting for these little guys to bring cheap, quality gaming to the masses.
Do I really want Google in my living room as well as my smart phone and my computer/laptop/tablet? Does Google Play have games I actually care about that I can't get elsewhere? Are dev teams actually looking at Google Play as an actual market? I think a lot more things need to change before this becomes a way to bring cheap, quality gaming to the masses. The moreso as patents, copyrights, and whatever else comes into the picture.
It's not even real gaming. Although these things are kind of cool. But thy will never replace my Wii U or PC as my main gaming device. EVER.
These types of devices are coming out in droves these days. Android and the whole mobile gaming scene definitely has it's place, I don't doubt that for a minute. But they can never offer the depth and rich playing experience, console and PC gaming bring to the table. Serious gamers will never purchase these Android sticks, as nifty as they are. However, they may be just the right thing for those on a shoestring budget and casual gamers.

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