Angry Birds Go!


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Sep 25, 2013
Wii U

Angry Birds GO!

Release Date: December 11, 2013

Developer / Publisher: Rovio

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10

Price: Free
... I - I don't think I understand this. Isn't Angry Birds a physics game? How does racing a car come into that and... I don't care. I just don't care enough, not even to wish this whole series gone.
crunchyg said:
Give. Me. A break.
See what you've done? Now there's definitely an Angry Bird Kit Kat Bar in our future - I love Kitkats man! Why?! Seriously though they really need to go away.
When Angry Birds first came out, it blew up huge out of nowhere. And then, almost immediately, it was everywhere. Toys, plush dolls, candy, etc.etc.. Even going so far now as to get a cartoon tv show in the works. Craziness. I played a little bit of the first free version for a little bit, back when it was new. After that, I never bothered. And that was before all of the Halloween specials and movie tie-ins that they did. But it just wouldn't stop, and more and more versions came out. Then, eventually, this video game out...

Now, like it or hate it, they are here to stay. At least, for the foreseeable future. Watch, soon enough, they are going to end up doing so many other things, that people are going to forget that they were a physics game first.
I've actually been enjoying the Angry Birds Go, its been pretty fun and something different than what I'm used to seeing from Angry Birds. The only thing that I don't like is that the further you go in the game the more expensive the stuff gets to upgrade and it takes a while to collect more coins to eventually upgrade your kart. Other than that I've been enjoying this game.
I played the original Angry Birds only.
Never installed Star Wars or other "sequels" or whatever they are.

This ABGo release could be fun, but I already play Mario Kart and, occasionally, Crash Team Racing so I'm probably never gonna try AB Go...
C'mon now. THIS was a surprise? Pffft.

It would surprise me if they didn't come up with a racing game. Now I await the Tetris clone-fighting game-racing game in space. I'm sure they will stock these right next to the boys underwear with their characters on the crotch.
I've been playing the Angry Birds rpg. It's not quite as fun as the original. I think I'm going to delve back into the Space series.
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