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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
So i got this game for my daughter and she loves it. I had to get her an nfc reader for her 3ds to read cards and amiibo and everything is working out very well.

Basically, you get a job working as home decorator. You can't really go outside and roam the town, but there is still plenty to do. You get graded on how well you design for each customer/villager and if you do well Tom Nook gives you promotions and it gets a little tougher.

The nice thing about the cards is that they are much cheaper than buying amiibo. Each pack came with 6 villagers, 1 of them special like Isabelle. This is the way to go to save a few dollars. The purpose is to give you many more customers, rather than wait for them to come in.

I posted this mainly to see if anyone else plays it and could give us a few tips. Also just to say it seems to be a really cool game that could turn into a really good gift what with all the goodies you can get for it.
I have personally not played it but I have to say that I am intrigued now, and it sounds like the type of game that I want my children playing. Anytime that you can capture the attention of child and direct it towards learning and skill-building, I think that you have done well. Things like taking care of what you own, responsibility and money management are things that I would say are never too early to introduce to a child.
Exactly, there is so much that goes with it, she's encouraged to save her allowance and make those decisions.

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