Animal Crossing: New Horizons wishlist for Nintendo


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Apr 24, 2020
1. Be able to push items to fences
2. The option to choose what color we want nook mile items in the nook miles store
3. Town or world editor-like the editor in our house to move things around
4. More Fruits example: Mango, permission fruit, Lychees Etc.
5. For residents to be able to use the ABD machine when we have company.
6. More Colors for Items like: White Cute Canopy Beds and so on or DIY's with more custom colors
7. More furniture for Themed mysterious Walls & Floors Ex: Cloud Bed Cloud Chairs Please.
8. To be able to put Rugs outside
9. More data for critterpedia telling us size of fish and Date it was caught and Donated
10. Let town Owner place and pick up Items when company is over.
11. More trees Ex: Birch, Fir,
12. Let Us Add what we want to the cart then pay for it instead of keep coming out of the fitting room
13. More Land Please, I Have Lots of things I want to create.
14. A tool tab in the inventory were we can put our tools so they don't take up space like bells and clothes tab.
15. Themed Exterior skins for our house like new leaf.
16. The Ability to put Wreaths on the villagers doors
Well that's all I can think of at the moment Please see this Nintendo Thank You

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