Animal Crossing NX


Sep 24, 2015
Game Boy Advance SP
I really love the Animal Crossing franchise and I think it's one of Nintendo's greatest. So, I would really like a new main-line iteration for the upcoming NX because I think it will include a lot of new features. Considering a main-line game was skipped for the Wii U, I think a hypothetical NX release would sell very well, and release close or at launch of the console.
My question is, do you think there will a continuation of Animal Crossing for the NX, and if so, what do you think/hope will be on it?
Like I said, I think the franchise will continue to the NX. In terms of wants, I think it would be pretty cool to combine the party game aspect of Amiibo festival with the existing multiplayer already in place. But, I don't know, what do you think?
I hope a new Animal Crossing releases, as long as it is not like the disappointment of amiibo Festival.
I would absolutely love that. I'm still holding out hope for a real Animal Crossing for Wii U.
@GunGunW I'm also hoping for an Animal Crossing dedicated to Wii U, but if the NX is releasing in 2016 like some have guessed, than it would probably be more profitable for Nintendo to release Animal Crossing as a launch title. In that case, if there are two AC games that are too close in release to each other, they probably won't sell as well combined if they released just one iteration on a possibly more powerful and better selling console.

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