Any game ideas that you'd like to see developed?


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Jul 30, 2016
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I have always wanted to see a true game based on intergalactic travel where missions needed to be completed on different planets and in space colonies, and the story line is awesome. I'm not talking about something like Halo, and games like that one Ice planet crap, I can't remember the name.

I want something great. I started watching the game play for Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. It's different, and I like how they went into space, but something where the game play is like that is a game I want to play.

If you saw "Enders Game" then you can kind of imagine the space wars that I want to see.
Yes. I have them written in some docs on my PC. I only share them with a indie dev friend. He liked one of them for a VR game he might make. A lot of what I think of has yet to be made. Not going to post anything public as like Nintendo I don't want people stealing my idea.

...well ok I will share one but only because someone else had the same idea and made it. Evoland is the same concept I had a few years ago.
I want to see another "Majora's Mask" kind of game that explores the eternal moment. Like every single element (such as someone just getting to a shop before it closes or just having a near-miss) hangs in a perfect balance and every single action you do - even standing in someone's path - can completely change what happens next.
Yes, i would like to see another Fortune Street game. I really love that game, even though i haven't played it.

Somebody say Fortune Street? The one game i could get my Wife to play. And if we played: sometimes till 2 or 3 in the morning. She is not a gamer. Id love some more to play!
They already announced a new Fortune Street for PS4.

Oh cool, i look forward to it's release here in america. From what i seen, it'll have both final fantasy and dragon quest characters. The fortune street game i wish for is a game with both nintendo and disney characters.
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