Any game that was a complete waste of money?


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Jul 30, 2016
Game Boy Advance
Any game you bought when it was released and you paid like $60 buck for it just to find out it was a piece of sh^t?

I bought a Spider-man game some years ago, I don't know why I thought it was going to be like GTA. I guess because it was open world, and the trailer had me hooked. I threw that game away, I was pissed. I didn't even take it to game stop to get at least $40 buck in store credit or something.

It was trash to me.
Pier Solar. Boy I wanted to like this as it's a labor of love. Fantastic music. Nice presentation but HOLY HELL it's poorly designed. Unbalanced as hell. Confusing dungeons,towns are a clusterfuck of a maze. Unfair situations. Just awful awful game.
Lego movie the game for Wii U.

I had just finished Lego Batman 2 which was awesome and enjoyed Lego City Undercover immensely, so I predownloaded LMtG for the full $60. It was glitchy and slow, all of the cutscenes were pulled straight from the film, and it was dropped to $30 a month later.

I will still predownload Nintendo made games, but nothing else.
I still remember the worst game I ever bought for my PSone, its name was "Power Shovel" it was the most boring game in the story of PSone games, I personally think that it was made by a lazy guy, for real, there's no way you could have fun with that game, however, at least you can learn something about construction machines and that sort of vehicle.
I got Ninjabread man for Christmas, but it wasn't my money so oh well

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