Any Hearthstone fans here?


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May 7, 2014
It'd probably be safe to say that I've become addicted to this game. I was wondering if anyone else on this website also played Hearthstone. I typically play Rogue, but I'll also play an occasional Druid.
I also play Hearthstone! I was invited to the first alpha test and have been hooked ever since. I greatly enjoy the game but have set myself a rule of never buying cards, which I think keeps me hooked even further since I constantly log in to finish my quests!

I tend to play either Priest or Mage but have been curious to try other classes. Funny enough, I play WoW and my main character is a Druid but I haven't played Druid much in Hearthstone. Could you recommend a Druid deck?
Very infrequently. It's decently fun and interesting but I don't think it's deep enough to warrant much effort. Of course you have to put in a lot of time and get a good amount of understanding of the game to become good, but it doesn't seem as rewarding as its peers.
I've played since early in the game, and I've been playing recently more than ever. It's a lot of fun, especially with the mobile version. While less deep than other TCGs, it's still a lot of fun to play either online or with friends.

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