Any news about Metroid on Wii U or 3DS?

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Oct 15, 2012
After thoroughly enjoying Other M on the Wii (I was one of the few people who thought it was superior to the Prime series), my appetite is wet for more 2D Metroid gameplay on the current systems! Any Metroid fans have the skinny on what's going on in Nintendo's planning room?

What studio is in charge of producing Metroid these days? Does R&D1 still even exist?
Well there hasn't been much new but I got Metroid NES and Metroid Fusion from Ambassador status so they may come to the shop eventually you never know.
i loved other M and I'm really loving Super Metroid presently. new info would be great
I'm actually looking forward to the next Metroid game. I have yet to play one that is actually "bad." Some are better then others of course, but to have such a long lasting franchise continue to create good games, is a tribute to the deisgners.
If there’s a Metroid for the Wii U coming out, I hope they won’t take a risk with experimenting and being too strict on the Wii U’s controls. And by that, I simply mean where it makes the game a bit too easy. I felt that some of the recent Metroid games (not the Trilogy), had that vibe to it. And those same recent installments seemed to have completely changed Samus’ character and origins. Here we think that she’s been raised by otherworldly entities, but they actually tried to get her tied with a male character to augment the female blonde stereotype of needing a strong and capable man.

It kind of threw me off a bit seeing how Samus is this woman that can hold her own when it comes to traversing planets and encountering a myriad of entities that constantly put her in overwhelming circumstances. I seriously hope they don’t degrade that level of awesomeness of Samus, and it wouldn’t be a good trend to get into for those veteran Metroid fans. I’ve only played Echoes and the Trilogy, but maybe Nintendo should stick to the consistency of it being a mélange of a puzzle platform, shooting, and a storyline that tends to be basic at times.

The storyline itself that may be bleak to some is what happens whenever a female is placed in a random universe or planet with only her skills and expertise to keep her alive. And with futuristic and space games, it may be difficult to sustain that “survival” aspect without having to put more narratives into it. If they can do well with the narrative, and not throw off Samus’ character, I think this Metroid for the Wii U might be decent. Only time will tell though.
The primary appeal to the Samus character is the destruction of stereotypes. When we first found out Samus is a woman, it had a larger impact. Society hadn't completely morphed into what we have now. A strong female lead was far more unique back then.

Risk is part of the game when it comes to female leads however. I hope Samus does not fall into the hollywood cliches. When I see a strong female character, I don't want to see a character that acts exactly like a man. Samus can be strong, but still be a woman. I also hope they don't sexualize her too much. Thankfully, Nintendo still has the motivation to make games fit for a younger audiance.
I heard an article saying that Nintendo is considering having Retro Studios develop the Wii U Metroid. Good idea. A Metroid Prime 4 would be bound to clean up all the fecal mounds that Other M left behind four years ago.
Thomas Ennis said:
The primary appeal to the Samus character is the destruction of stereotypes.
Metroid is a Japanese game through and through, and destroying gender roles is not exactly a big goal over in Japan (unlike in the United States). They are pretty happy with the way things are over there.

Making Samus female was a way to surprise and reward players who beat the game, not much else. Remember, this game is from the mid-80s. Every game was supposed to have a cool ending "video" at the end, and the Metroid ending was pretty much the coolest of them all.

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