Any OCARINA players here? let's start a race =)


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Nov 1, 2012
Anyone want to race in Ocarina of Time? I don't want any speed runs, don't really want it to be a race, just thought to help populate the forum here, we could start some play-togethers, this one for the Zelda games, and maybe another thread for Majora's Mask (i'd need help with that one)

So, anyone want to do a play together? Think of it like a book club, but we actually play games together, instead of read through books. If a couple people are down, we can start soon! =)
I would be down, but it would have be the 3DS remake. Played the N64 version enough times.

Of course, this would also require buying a 3DS. ^_^
haha, so that's a no I guess? :p IF you do end up grabbign a 3ds, we can probably still play together. I'm sure the game itself is still the same.
I miss this game. I haven't played it in ages and don't have an N64 anymore. Otherwise I would love too. It was definitely one of my favorite games on N64.
For moments I tought that you were actually talking about real Ocarina musicians ^^
I have a friend that got one and learned to play most of the tunes from OoT x)

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