Any other good Kirby games?


Jan 17, 2014
Nintendo DS
So over winter break I picked up Kirby's Epic Yarn, and I beat it in that time as well! I'm a very casual gamer, and I really enjoyed how easy it was to pick up how to play. I was wondering if anyone can recommend me any other good Kirby titles that I can play on the Wii, it would be really appreciated! If it helps, I really enjoyed Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, so I guess GBA/DS emulator game recommendations would be nice as well.
No more Kirby games on Wii, but Good-Feel (the same studio that made Epic Yarn) is making a Yoshi game on Wii U, and it will use the same art style as Kirby's Epic Yarn.
the 20th anniversary disc! go get it now! Epic Yarn was my first as well and the anniv disc really opened my eyes. Kirby Super Star was ridiculous fun, and the GB titles were pretty challenging. Hiiiiiiiyiiiiii!!

obviously you like whimsical platformers so i would highly suggest Klonoa. check it out it was for the wii.
Thanks for all the responses! I looked up the 20th Anniversary disc, and I think I'll get it this weekend! Also I'm glad that Good Feel is making more games for Nintendo, hopefully their Yoshi one will be a hit as well!
I loved kriby on the GBA :)
I was never much of a Kirby fan, but I liked the character and decided to give it a go.

The game was fun, and Kirby is really cute! :D
I love Kirby I just think that he should have a bit more games. I think that I am going to get a few of the Kirby titles that are available on the Wii for me and my niece and nephew.
I have to second the Anniversary disc - it's basically "Kirby's Greatest Hits". And yes he is the most Adorable BA outside of the New Ash (Evil Dead).
i pretty much main with Kirby on smash bros, anyone else?

he just took to me for some reason
let me guess…we both like to turn into the weight and drop on peoples' heads? BOOM! i can't wait!
yes indeed, when playing online thats an awesome site for me when a few people just go flying in that screech!!. especially for me cuz i really suck at smash bros
Yeah that's why in the new smash bros, I really don't care as much about the characters because I love Kirby. However, I am excited for Pacman.
Not enough kirby games in the world.. I'd go through the NES one. I do love that one so very very much.
^ Yes and I swallow people! :) My friends get really annoyed when I do that.
If you haven't already, try swallowing them and then jumping off the stage, before spitting them out ;)