Any retail stores have live demos yet?

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Professor E. Gadd

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Oct 15, 2012
Wii U
Are there any stores that have demo stations for the Wii U set up yet? I've checked Target, Walmart, and Kmart, and none of them had anything yet.
I stopped by GameStop this morning. They have already torn out the old Wii demo units and said the Wii U demos will be installed soon but they don't know when.
Several Wii news sites and blogs have started posting hands-on Wii U previews. I need to play with one PRONTO.
Yeah none that I know of yet. But I cannot wait to actually play one. They look like so much fun!!!! I am very excited.
Local Target by me has removed it's old Nintendo wall units, but have not replaced them yet with anything new. I'd expect it to be up in the next week or so, though they may be waiting for some demo consoles first.
Still nothing at Gamestop!

I'm starting to wonder if Nintendo hasn't send out the demo units yet, or if retail stores are intentionally just not putting them out to combat window shoppers who come into the store, try it out, and then pre-order online. Any ideas?
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