Any Rock Band lovers?

Johnny Hopkins

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Nov 24, 2014
Nintendo DS
Rock band is one of my favourite games for the wii. I have spent so many hours playing rock band, it just never gets boring. The game play is really fun and I love the set lists in the games. My favourite edition is Green Day Rock Band, because green day is my favourite band.
I like rock band but I used to play it mostly on the PS3 I never knew that they had the game on the wii console.
I also love Rock Band, it's always been one of my favorite games to play on the Wii. I just like playing it because it's more than Guitar Hero, where you can only play the guitar. I haven't played in so long that I might have to try it out again. I always loved playing it when I first got the Wii, it was all that I would play.
I like Rock band. Key word being "like." I wish I could load into the game some of the classic songs that I used to love. It would make it that much more official, and I could upgrade it a game that I could "love."