Anyone else a fan of just a little 3D?


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Jan 29, 2014
I like to use the slide. I hate the use of 'all' the 3D. It messes with my eyes. I really prefer the slightest touch of it. Anyone else feel the same?
I prefer no 3D, but if a bit is used to add depth to the game that's great - still my eyes are wonky and 3D makes me rather nauseous over all.
yes, some games you gotta have at least a little (Luigi's Mansion, New Leaf)
I have Street Fighter 3D and it was really lacking when I played it without the use of 3D.

@Esperahol: I have the exact same issue. It's nauseating and takes away from the game when I use the 3D at full tilt. I figure I might want to try the games made for 3D in a bit of the 3D.
I like the 3D. It doesn't bother me. I'm one of the very few people who doesn't get hurting eyes with the virtual Boy. And yes I still have my Virtual Boy.
I prefer no 3D, and the majority of people who prefer 3D are those who haven't really gotten the point where most games don't offer the whole 3D experience, which there are just some gameplay require 3D. It is way too expensive to make a game with whole 3D because they know most people can't stare at the screen with 3D the whole time, and it will hurt their eyes. I much prefer the 2D version, and I don't care for the 3D.
A little bit of 3d is awesome for games like Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei IV. Anything else makes me want to barf or I have to tilt the screen back enough to get a decent image.
I can't personally see 3D that well, so I usually switch it off to save on battery, since for me it is a bit useless.
I thought the 3D feature was really cool when I tried out a demo system. But when I bought the 3DS home and started spending more time with it, I realized how gimmicky it was. Most folks seem to get uncomfortable with this feature after a while. I no longer use this feature and the slider is always down. There's no point in straining my eyes while trying to enjoy a bit of handheld gaming.

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