Anyone else disappointed in Nintendo Video?


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Apr 21, 2016
The good ol' Video Application on the 3DS (Now defunct), it gave you 4 videos at a time and automatically updated with a myriad of shorts like that office dinos, bear shark(?), even official Nintendo shorts like Kirby and Kid Icarus.

Now why was I disappointed in it and its shut down? Well for its features of-course.

1) The auto-updating, I hated seeing a video one day but didn't have the time / didnt feel like it / w.e and it was gone the next day.

2) No ability to watch old and discontinued videos, I swear I missed nearly all the content, I saw only one of the KI episodes, none of the kirby, 2 of the dinos, not sure how much more I got to watch.

3) Now that it's shut down, they're putting videos on the eShop bundled together with updates, games, demos, and its just not a good u.x idea, I mean even searching videos does no good because there is also trailers. Why not keep Video for the Pikmin shorts (still can make them paid), the super mystery dungeon videos, heck, even put trailers in there.
Yes, i did not like this application. As a result, it is now UNINSTALLED! (de-duh-di!)
Definitely. It could have been a really nice way to make the most out of the 3D feature (which I barely use in-game, to be honest), but they have never supported it properly. They earn much more now by selling those videos/shorts on the eShop (straight down insane, IMHO).
Well, it wasn't much impressive. However, it still have my hope that everything would end up fine.
Well my first reactions to it I remember being really good, and thinking that I would have a lot of things for the kids to watch. That dream dies pretty quickly though, and it was not really all that it was cracked up to be. Actually now that I think about, perhaps it was not cracked up to be that much to begin with, but either way, you get the point. Disappointed indeed, but oh well.

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