Anyone ever play FFXI?


Oct 25, 2012
Los Angeles, CA
It's the only MMORPG that I ever got into. I started playing it back in 2005, quit for a bit in 2009, then started again in 2010, and quit again in early this year.

I'm kind of excited for the new expansion Square announced. The game kind of lost its appeal to me with the latest updates since you can no longer really fly solo if you want to get some decent gear.

Anyone else here play FFXI? (Final Fantasy 11)
I play FF14, but am awaiting A Realm Reborn.

FF11 has a new expansion coming? Can you recommend it to someone who loves Conan: Unchained, FF14, and FF Crisis Core (that one is on PSP)?
I don't understand how Square can have two different Final Fantasy MMO's running at once. 11 and 14? if you wanted both you would have to pay for both, right?
They are of the same name, but they are different stories in each, different times.
Oh my mistake then. So it is all one RPG? I guess one of them is an expansion pack? I heard one of them got a dismal score. Though I assume it has gotten better. I honestly don't know what makes an MMO bad. They all look like they are driven by the same gameplay concept to me.
I just couldn't get into it, I think maybe I'm kind of losing interest in FF overall.
I played Final Fantasy XI for years. It was my first MMO. I played it longer than any others I've played since. I don't have any time to start replaying it and even if I could I hear it's pretty dead if you're not at the level cap. I only had one job at 75 back before they raised the level cap to 99.

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