Anyone here play Rush'n Attack / Green Beret on the NES?

Damien Lee

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Jun 17, 2015
Super Famicom
For those that enjoy run 'n gun platform/shooting games - Rush 'n Attack or Green Beret (if you played it in a European region) should be familiar. Developed by Konami, this was originally an arcade smash hit around the mid-80's. It was quickly ported to every home computer and console available at the time. The NES received a very competent port and it was a good warm-up before the eventual evolution of the genre which resulted in the Contra series.

Anyone here play Rush 'n Attack (or Green Beret) on the NES?
Now I know how old you are. At least I think I do. But yes I played the Arcade version when it first came out. I didn't recognize it at first when I saw the pictures online. After I found it on youtube and watched it, it didn't ring a bell until I heard the sound effects of when you kill your enemies. Then..........I remembered. So bad. I can't believe I dropped tokens at the arcade on this game.

Yeah, I'm a crusty old gamer in my late 30's. :D

I think just about anyone that grew up playing games during that era will know about Green Beret / Rush 'n Attack. This game somewhat captured the zeitgeist of the cold war, with the antagonism between the US & Russia. I'm glad to see that someone else on here has come across this game. By the way great video, it's very entertaining.

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