Anyone here play Sin & Punishment?

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Jun 17, 2015
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Sin & Punishment for the N64 was developed by Treasure. This Japanese developer is known for making Gunstar Heroes on the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive and Ikaruga for the Dreamcast / GameCube / Xbox 360 / PC - Steam.

This game is somewhat of an oddity because it's a rail shooter while also playing very similarly to arcade classic - Cabal. Taking place in post-apocalyptic Tokyo with a cheesy sci-fi story straight out of badly-dubbed, 80's anime OVA territory.

The run 'n gun gameplay is truly compelling and may even remind some of the Contra games. The graphics haven't aged that well but the bosses are still something to behold. Unfortunately this game never got a Western release and had to be imported. However, it can be downloaded on the Virtual Console store for the Wii.

Anyone here get to play Sin & Punishment?
I bought it recently but I've only dabbled a little in it, I can't understand why a Japan only release has all dialogue spoken in English! Seems to be a fantastic game though, I can't wait to get some proper time to really sink my teeth into.
Awesome, it truly is a fantastic game!

Apparently it was going to get a Western release, that's why there is English dialogue in the game. Unfortunately Nintendo chose not to publish it in the west, as the game was released late in the N64's life and sales were already dwindling. Japanese sales of the game were not too hot either, I was surprised how quickly my copy arrived through the post. I usually needed to wait a month or two for Japanese imports that were hotly anticipated.

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