Anyone play Star Tropics?


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
I loved that game. As a kid, I got stuck in the whale's belly. It was really challenging for a kid trying to figure out some old RPG elements, because they literally left you to fend for yourself. No directions but vague story bubbles and plenty of explorable world sometimes made me double backtrack on myself.

Anyone else from this genre in time play it? It was actually a very good RPG.

I've always wanted to play Startropics. i'll keep it in mind for the VC
Please do. It's very worth the old RPG feeling you'll get from it - well, cause' it's old. But it's enjoyable!
StarTropics is true classic NES gem! It's somewhat reminiscent of The Legend of Zelda and Crystalis, but replaces the more common medieval fairy tale setting for an alien invasion tale in the backdrop of modern Polynesia. (It might seem a bit silly at first to be playing a child whose weaponry includes yo-yos and bolas, but once one gets past that: it's a truly fantastic game!) I highly recommend it!

(I didn't care much for StarTropics' time-travel based sequel though. I can't really articulate why. I should love it, given that Chrono Trigger is my favourite SNES RPG--but it somehow just didn't resonate with me.)
Hey there Shimus,

I really loved StarTropics. It also reminds me of my childhood. I think it is one of the hardest games for Nintendo. My brother and I used to play that game for hours at a time and take turns because that game frustrated us both. lol

Remember these classics?


Or how about the creepy magic lady?

I can only remember a handful of time we actually beat that game. I sure do wish I had a NES now. I really want to play it again now that I am an adult, and see if it any less frustrating :D.

So many feels. The original game just hooks you in and you're all like, dafuq is this yo-yo.. whoo wait this is awesome!

Oh, times gone by. I watched the video you posted and it makes me want to ebay me that game. I have roms on a computer that is ancient, but I perfer to actualy own the game. I'm a true collector.

The Yo-Yo was an awesome idea for a game weapon, at first YOU are like, really my weapon is a yo-yo, then as you begin to use it you fall in love the darn thing!
Whoa, ho, ho we talking Star Tropics in here? Which makes me want to post a topic about games that stand the test of time. I STILL play that thing. Well, along with this sweet baby gem:

StarTropics is most definitely one of the those long neglected series that would be very much worth re-visiting in a modern game! (One that would probably be most similar to game-play to modern The Legend of Zelda games.) Likewise for Crystalis!
I think it's because we picture our memories more fond then they were too. I remember getting frustrated at the lack of info in parts (and back then there was no IGN or GameFAQS to ask) so it was fun trying to puzzle out everything. Like getting stuck in that damn whale's belly, in the first game.

If I remember correctly, the clues to solve such puzzles in StarTropics were there though--unlike other classic NES games in which the clues weren't there (e.g. where all of the dungeon entrances are hidden and how to traverse the forest and mountain mazes in The Legend of Zelda) or were originally there but were subsequently literally lost in translation in the Englishization (e.g. having to kneel by a cliff holding a crystal to summon a tornado in Castlevania II). And yet, even when the clues were weren't there or were lost in translation, someone somehow managed to figure things out and spread the info via word-of-mouth! Still, compared to that we're rather spoiled with the near infinite resource of information at our fingertips we have today in the 21st Century! ;)