Anywhere that sells N64 Games?


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Jul 13, 2013
My local gamestop doesn't sell anymore N64 games and they say the closest gamestop that sells one is 31 miles away... I am not willing to go far to buy a game. Is there any store other than gamestop? I think it is just my location that doesn't sell it I am assuming.
Well, the system was discontinued quite some time ago - that said have you looked at local pawn shops? Generally you can find many types of games for fairly low prices from all kinds of systems. You next best bet is to look at Amazon or EBay - I would suggest EBay. That said do you not have a car? Or are you using the bus? 31 miles isn't really all that far to go. Maybe you mean 310 miles in which case yeah I agree with you.
My nearest GameStop is 60 miles away... I still go once a month. Plus, like the person above me said, you can check pawn shops and ebay, I gaurantee you will find them there :)
Heck, there is like this consignation type of shop where you can find anything! And when I say anything I mean like 8-tracks and old-style coke coolers. It is the coolest shop and there were like 8000 games from NES to 360. I mean I about had a heart attack from all the old 90s Sega Genesis games - my Genesis still works after all. So yeah. You just have to look around.

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