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Dec 23, 2013
Lafayette, LA
Does anyone use Apple TV? i've been thinking of getting one, i already use netflix streaming on an older sony blu ray player, and i find it's not keeping up as it should. it gets occasionally blurry, etc.

my questions are: how clear will the pic come through, and is it really worth getting one? do you have to pay for every app/channel?

my ultimate goal would be to get rid of this monthly ripoff satellite service, but that may be a few years off. i hate paying for 120 channels and watching maybe 3

If you just want it for Netflix, you can just get a Chromecast for $35 and control it with your phone or tablet. The rest of the content on Apple TV mostly comes from iTunes, which is just as much of a rip off as your satellite.
so thats what a chromecast is. thanks. i held out on the whole "Apple" thing for as long as i could, but now with phones, iPods, tablet and desktop, i see how well they all flow together and it is undeniable. I'm trying to find out just what it does, what isn't free and all. even on their website it doesn't really say much.

at the end of the day, i guess i got enough crap coming out the back of my tv

got my apple tv and learned quite a few things:

my signal strength was garbage, and i was paying att too much, so i upgraded from 6 Mbps to 25, paying almost the same. the apple tv is fantastic, with netflix and vevo, my little girl will probably never turn the cable on again. i got WWE network, and its fantastic. Now that i corrected my signal strength, Netfllix has absolutely no hiccups. no buffering, no blurry screen. it's actually watchable. one thing that really surprised me is i can stream wirelessly my itunes from the desktop to apple tv. it sounds great, again with no hiccups

the moral of the story is i found Netflix has a video that will test and tell you your exact signal strength, and test speakers if you have surround sound, etc. it's called an "example short." and i suggest it to anyone curious about if they are getting money's worth
I might wait for the Amazon box that's supposedly coming out in a few weeks.
whoa, thats the first i hear of it. wish i'd of known, but no regrets yet. this will lead to me not wasting money on stupid satellite services
well it's happening…Apple updated last week and now i can see History, H2, Lifetime and A@E shows for free. I've since started canceling Dish Network because now with Netflix and my WWE Network, there just ain't much happening on tv i need to see. I'm glad to see the crippling of ripoff satellite/cable services. Does anyone here have Hulu and do you like it? it didn't have a whole lot last time i looked at it
so due to the fact you can't get CBS All Access app on Apple's greedy device, i got a Roku and boy am i impressed. Apple should be ashamed of themselves, but oh well.
Nice. I went with Amazon Fire TV and like it too.
the appeal of the rook 1 is it uses rca jacks still, so i could hook it to my old tv in the bedroom. now if i could stay awake...

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