Arcadia: I need some help

Jack Lovejoy

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California (Originally from Korea)
Hey guys, I thank you if you have read my introduction to Arcadia. But I need some questions for developing mechanics in the game.

-I am planning on making a wide variety of monster enemies in the game since there are over 50 levels to play in. I am thinking of a function to "catch" the monsters similarly to pokemon. The way you obtain them is to defeat a certain amount of them in order to get the monster's soul. The way the monster soul function is that they bind together with your soul and your stats increase and you gain new skills. Would this monster mechanic be too similar to Pokemon and Kirby? If so, how can I make them less similar?

-As I said about the platforming with parkour, will it look too similar to sonic?

-I am thinking of a score meter that rises every time you perform parkour tricks and hit an enemy. If you fool around for 5 seconds, your score resets to zero. If you reach full score, then you enter unleash mode, which makes you jump higher, run faster, and your attacks have wider range and much more attack power (Also, you can perform skills that you can only use when you are in unleash mode). Once you finish a level, your skills grow with exp depending on how high your score is.

-I am thinking of ways to make combo skills. Should I just use buttons to press on the controller for combos or should I use the touch screen to use the combos?

Thank you and please answer if you have the time to.