Arcadia: New mechanic

Jack Lovejoy

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California (Originally from Korea)
hey guys, I finally figured out a perfect solution to the attack variety problem. First, I would like to say that Jack holds a weapon now for more combat, which is the scepter of the Queen of Hearts, but that is not the mecahnic I am talking about. Jack now has a new mechanic called the Suit System (A suit is the symbol category a card is in like Hearts, Spades, and Diamonds.) Jack can enter each suit mode by pressing on the directional movement pad (the move pad that is under the circle pad)

Hearts: a flurry of hearts can be spout out from the sceptre to damage enemies or it can be used to regenerate a part of your health.

Spades: Your sceptre grows a string along the lines, making it function like a bow, which shoots spearhead spades at opponents. You scepter also grows spear heads on the ends and it can be used to cut up enemies.

Clubs: Your Scepter functions like a hammer and you can paralyze enemies with it. It raises your attack, but lowers speed.

Diamonds: The diamonds shoot light at high speeds and can be used to solve puzzles that need to be lit up. You can use a diamond tornado skill to spin around in a tornado while blasting large rays of light. Your money reward at the end of the level is increased the more times you use it.