Arcadia: Skills

Jack Lovejoy

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California (Originally from Korea)
Here are some of the skills jack uses in the game.

Melee: A standard combat attack where Jack punches and kicks his enemies. This deals low damage, but has high attack speed.

Vaulting: Whenever there is a large slab blocking your way, you can vault over it to gain more speed and momentum.

Wall Jumping: It is as it sounds.

Triple Flip: Can rack up momentum and score with this technique.

Cartwheel: Can be used to dodge enemy attacks.

Card Shoot: Jack throws out cards as if they were shurikens. This deals low damage, but can be used for hitting objects that are far away.

Card Slash: Jack uses his index finger to slash at enemies with a trail of cards following the finger. This deals decent damage and has high attack speed.

Riffling: Giant cards appear under Jack's feet and they do the riffling technique, springing Jack up into the air.

Card Hammer: A giant hammer made out of Cards appears and Jack uses it to activate large switches or destroy obstacles. It has high damage, but low attack speed.

Card Parachute: Jack summons a parachute made out of cards to prevent falling damage.

Quick Blink: Jack dashes in front of the enemy nearest to him, this will give you a lot of momentum when you are focusing on a hit and run attacking method.

Astral Crash: Jack embodies the power of a meteor and crashes down on the earth, damaging grounded enemies. This has high damage and high attacking speed. It also has a possible chance to stun enemies

Shooting Star: Jack dashes into his enemy, pinning them down and leaving a possible burn.

Card Sword: Can only be activated via Unleash mode, this is an enhanced version of Card Slash.
Combat Frenzy: Can only be activated via Unleash mode, Jack beats the opponent with several combat moves.
Final Heaven: Can only be activated via Unleash mode, A shine of heaven destroys all enemies on screen, but this will end Unleash mode immediately.