Are GameCube game prices rising?


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Sep 26, 2015
Since more people are going after GameCube games. Is the demand and the prices for used GCN games rising? I own over 200 GameCube games. But there are more out there that I need to get my hands on.
They are, mostly populair games. Iknow a site (nedgame) who sell most populair games for about 40, sometimes 70 (also depening on how rare it is to get that game). Mario sunshine is for example 46 euro on it, without the manual and without the box 42 euro.

But I have to say it mostly depends if you sell it to a costumer or not.
My income on ngc games is mostly around 40 till 60 euro for about 3 till 5 games when I buy them from someone iknow. On websites 3 till 5 games will cost me around 50 till 80 euro.

2 notes.
- I started buying them from 2016 till now and I saw a price-rise.
- I live in the netherlands, I dont have knowlegde about the american prices nor other continents except europe.
I started to collect GCN games when the GameCube was first released. I used to have Pikmin 1&2 But those games were stolen during a break in, in one of my apartments. Has of now. I have 216 GameCube games in my collection. I need Pikmin 1&2, Nascar Thunder 2003, Ty 3 etc. I'm still missing out on tons of GCN games. I still need COD 2 Big Red One. here is my game collection.

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