Are you a trophy collector?

Mr. Blue

Feb 28, 2013
I'm a huge PS3 trophy collector. I have recently started getting into it and I have 2 platinum trophies. The reason I like it is because I get to explore parts of thr game i nrmally wouldn't and be rewarded for it. It's fun to show them to your friends and get excited when you get them. It can be frustarting however. There are many times I have cringed just trying to get one trophy.

Any other trophy collectors?
I sorta am, yeah. I don't have any platinums yet but i'm close to getting two platinums and I'm nearing 1,000 trophies in total. I've had the same PSN ID since 2007 and I'm pretty sure I'll get both of those platinums by year's end if I'm lucky. :D I don't try to platinum EVERY game I play but if it's one I know that I can probably do with some work/effort then I'll attempt it. :) I do hate games that cause you to replay through them multiple times just to platinum them though......those are ones I tend to get what I can and then leave the game once I've completed it once unless it was so enjoyable i'd go back to it a 2nd time at a later date.
I'm not too much of a trophy collector, but I do work on them from time to time. I find I get highly stressed when I feel like I am required to finish these challenges and it kind of becomes a job instead of just a game for me personally. But yeah, I do get that it provides a lot of satisfaction to a lot of people and that you get to explore a lot more of the game than you normally would. I'm not really as curious though, I just pretty much move on to the next game after I finish with one, unless I really like the game enough to obsess over it.
Nah, mostly because I have Achievements to get - and Achievements trump Trophies. That said I do have a nice collection of trophies, just not enough for it to be a big thing.
When trophies were first introduced for the PS3, I did not hesitate for a minute to start collecting all the trophies that I could. I managed to get Platinum trophies for eight games in just a few months. However, I found myself not enjoying the games as much as before. The process of collecting trophies became such a chore that I eventually lost interest. These days I'm no longer bothered to collect all the trophies and just play games for the overall experience.
Yeah, usually. I don't play a game just to get trophies but if I beat something and see a trophy that's easy to get, I'll go for it. In general I enjoy completing games so naturally I love trophies. Currently I have 5 Platinum Trophies (although 3 of them are story-driven games >.>)
I do collect achievements on Xbox. I have almost every achievement on Fallout 4, just a few more to go.
I have so many trophies and achievements from so many games. You get them from basic things you are doing anyway in the game. I don't care too much about collecting them because I don't see it as value. It's just something that was created to make players feel special I think.
I'll collect trophies if I don't have to fucking guess what unlocks them or look it up all the time. If there's a trophy with a meaningless instruction I will just ignore it.
Well, I really consider myself as a boring player because I do not really mind about those trophies, I do not really see them as a big reward for what you earn playing, however, it's a good thing to make people think they have done a good job and also that they have achieved good scores in the game and that sort of thing, I just do not pay any attention to them, that's my opinion though.