AV - HDMI adapter?

K0rN b4LL

Mar 16, 2016
Anyone know a good composite AV to HDMI adapter that works on the N64? I have one called a MINI that works for my Dreamcast but not my N64. The picture is choppy as hell. Tried an extra AV cable I had but the result was the same.
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It's a lost cause. Use the composite input or an older TV.
Thats what I do. Sorry man :/
Yeah, oldschool all the way. But I will check over on smashboards, they stream competitive SSB 64 all the time and I'm pretty sure a lot of them use N64s. They may know something we don't.
Would it be better to find an AV to DVI? My tv is actually a computer monitor with only one HDMI and one DVI port.
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Well whatever you can do with AV to DVI, I figure would have even less chances of working than AV to HDMI. Could be wrong though.
I guess the only other option is to find a tv/monitor with composite input. I'm not even sure if they make them anymore.
I kind of think they don't.

Don't you have a family member you can buy a used, older TV from?
I think I may just get an s-video cable for it and find a good upscaler/adapter/whatever for that.
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