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Jun 20, 2013
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Is anyone else here a massive fan of Banjo Kazooie? I remember when I was 7 I would play this game for hours on end, and when I finally got to the witch, my little brother reset my game. But in the long run, I'm glad he did, cause I went back and spent countless more hours playing until I beat the witch and got everything in the game! I also loved Tooie. I liked Nuts and bolts, I just wish they kept banjo out of it.
To be honest, I'm not a huge Rare fan. I played Donkey Kong 64, which had really good depth for a platformer, but I have to admit I like Miyamoto's platformers better. This may have to do with Rare being a Western publisher. I feel that the games that are published in the West often have a tacky style, especially in the way they handle voicework. It could be because they use third-tier voice actors whereas in Japan they use really good (often celebrity) voice actors.

When Nintendo sold Rare, I felt sort of betrayed but bounced back pretty quickly because I realized I just didn't love their games all that much, including Star Fox Adventures, which was so highly anticipated and ended up being a let down gameplay wise.
I absolutely loved Banjo-Kazooie as a kid. I had such fond memories that I recently plugged in my Nintendo 64 and fired up Banjo-Kazooie. Ten hours and 100 jigsaw pieces later I was finished and very satisfied but I wanted more. Thank god I also have Banjo-Tooie because I played it right away. As far as platforming goes, these games are classics and pioneers. The mechanics are so fun and unique, it is such a nice change from Mario games. After completing Banjo-Tooie (with the help of some cheat guides) I was really sad because there are not enough of these kinds of games. I hope RARE releases a new title soon that is more reminiscent of the old days because while I felt Nuts 'N Bolts was good, it simply wasn't like the old days.
Weren't Conker and Donkey Kong 64 pretty much more of the same?
The multiplayer is indeed pretty fun, but that hardly makes up for the rest of the game. It has a ton to do, but when none of it is fun, while the first game was one of the best platformers ever, it's a pretty sad state of affairs.

Donkey Kong 64 has exactly the same problem, IMO, can't believe people are actually looking forward to its eventual VC release :p
@DKpunch, dk64 was more of the same, but Conker is to banjo as Call of Duty is to Skyrim. Conker is about a alcoholic squirrel that has a hangover and says some of the funniest things in video games. It isn't really a platformer collect a thousand things game, it is an action adventure game with a few collectables. The king wants to use you as his leg for a chair so he doesn't spill his milk anymore. It is a quirky amazing game. Though Banjo is still better. I never wanted anything more from the two games, maybe I just love them soo much out of nastalgia..
I love Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie...and I still play them from time to time on my N64, but I am wondering if they can be found on disc? I want both Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask as well for just in case my N64 quits working. Anyone here know if you can get the Banjo-Kazooie games on disc to play on the Wii?
I loved this series too. From the GUHUH sound effects to the multiple levels, I still play this even on emulator. It was on par with MARIO 64 in my opinion - same level of platform.
BIG time fan! I constantly think about buying an xbox 360 just to play 1 2 and nuts & bolts.
Honestly is my favorite n64 game!


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