Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean


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Jan 21, 2015
Nintendo 64
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"Baten Kaitos is a role-playing video game with some puzzle elements. While not actually taking on the role of theprotagonist, the player is an active participant as a Guardian Spirit who guides the main character, Kalas, on all of his decisions.[1] Maintaining a positive relationship with Kalas can help the player, particularly during combat, by enabling special "Spirit Attacks". The game mechanics rely heavily on magical cards known as Magnus, which absorb the "Magna essence" of real-world objects for storage and later use.[2]"

I loved this game, and its spinoffs. It's notoriously bad for voice acting and syncing the voices to scenes (fight scenes in particular) quite badly. However, it had some of the most calming music I've ever heard:

Motoi Sakuraba is a Genius Composer. It was also my very first card-based combat game I thought flowed naturally, and the combos were so fluid to match numbers in the corners of the cards for better effects, like a screen nuke or a mass heal.

I remember it fondly still. I miss it. I need to buy another gamecube T_T
Not really an attempt to bump, but I just have a feeling this a game others have played. I see 17 views by the time I've typed this, and no response. This game was awesome! Even if you hate it, you must have tried it a bit. I know I'm not the only one!
I played Baten Kaitos at a mate's house. It wasn't bad at all but I wasn't drawn-in as I was expecting to be. I remember there was quite a bit of hype surrounding this game but a bit subdued as the PS2 was getting all the big JRPGs at the time. However, I do agree with you that Motoi Sakuraba is an exceptional composer that has enriched the video gaming soundscape.
The whole plot was excellent and mysterious too, and the music helped. The only downside is the voice acting sounded like it was from the SNES talking through a MIDI synth or something LOL. Aside from that though, the game was epic, easy to get into, likable characters/areas, and so much fun to be had hopping through islands in the sky.