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They won't change their minds unfortunately. Servers are expensive to run and maintain, and there isn't enough Wii U owners to warrant a purchase of a server for it. You really want multiplayer, go buy 10 million wii U's. sometimes I really hate 3rd parties. If you don't release your games no one buys the system, if no one buys the system, you don't release your games! It's a vicious cycle..
You can't really blame the 3rd party folks - they are just trying to get their work out there. You have to look at the consoles available - Sony and MS are good for multiplayer one way or another, but Wii/WillU just isn't set up for things like general multiplayer. If a dev team is looking at putting a lot of effort into something like multiplayer then they aren't really going to consider releasing for a system like the Wii/WiiU. It's just business and I can't really get upset about it although it sucks.
The thin that upsets me is they are charging the same price, for a game with less content. That would be like a sprinkled jelly filled doughnut costing 4.99, and a glazed doughnut costing 4.99 as well! Who in their right mind would buy the glazed one for the same price!
I don't think that this has much of a point to it. As much as I enjoyed Arkham City, I think that the game is on its way out with Arkham Origins just round the corner. I would rather hope for a good multiplayer experience for Origins than an average one for Arkham City.
I'll think they'll listen to me I have one supporter no way they aren't going to change it with so much sopport. :rolleyes:
Just be glad there releasing the game for the Wii U in the first place.
Medza said:
I would rather hope for a good multiplayer experience for Origins than an average one for Arkham City.
That's if they bother with it - after Arkham City and Arkham Asylum and with the coming Arkham Apocalypse the Origins team has a lot to live up to without worrying about multiplayer. They are a completely different team from the general Arkham team after all.
The multiplayer doesn't really interest me to be honest. It seems novel but it doesn't pull me as much as the potential for the main game. The Arkham games breathed some life into beat-em-ups, but even they have much room for improvement. We'll have to see if Origins makes better game design choices while still exceeding expectations fans have made for the last two games.
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