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Apr 4, 2016
I started this thread for the purpose of recommending and not for asking opinions. Although, of course, sharing your experience or opinion about this game won't hurt! Please feel free to do so. So yeah, if you haven't played this game, I suggest you start doing so because this is one the best PC games/series you will ever play!

This series has been developed by RockSteady Studios, starting with Batman Arkham Asylum on 2009. Batman Arkham Asylum received universal acclaim from gaming site critiques and reviews. It's a third person Beat 'Em Up (action-adventure) game where you play as Batman and beat prisoners to a pulp. It has been nominated as Game of the Year in Gamespot's Game of the Year awards (won the best platformer), as well as with many other popular review sites. Its successors followed its path and made huge successes as well. The game can be played with the PC and consoles like Wii U, Playstation3 and Xbox360.

I have played all games in the series except for the last one, Arkham Knight. They are the most addictive games I've played and part of the few which I finished and completed 100%. It has been an amazing experience to play this series, and replaying it just makes it better.

So yeah, go ahead grab this game and play now!
The Arkham games are simply amazing! They're are the first Batman games in which I truly feel as if I'm playing as Batman in nearly every way: not just running around, grappling, and tossing around batarangs like the platformers of my youth, but instead utilizing stealthful take downs, putting something vaguely resembling actual detective work to use, etc! Moreover, the voice acting is exceptional across the board! And finally, if graphics were to hypothetically advance no further than these games: I would be more than content with maintaining that level!
And finally, if graphics were to hypothetically advance no further than these games: I would be more than content with maintaining that level!
Not to mention the PC exclusive feature called "Physx" where real world physics are simulated ingame (ex: if Batman punches a wall or ground pounds, the tiles break). That makes the game interact and look a lot better.

Oh yes, Arkham City wii u guy right here. I felt like Batman
That's exactly what I felt too. I am already an avid Batman fan before I've played this game. However, I had no expectations when I played Arkham Asylum the first time. After the first sitting, I was absolutely blown away by how great the game already is.
I like these games. Havn't played them much after i beet them but until then they are good.
Thanks for the recommendation! Will definitely try to get my hands on them!
Maybe they can make a Superman game one day.
I would be in favour of that. A Superman game that's actually pretty great is much needed! Every Superman game that I think of was... less than pretty great. (With the possible exception of the SNES' Death and Return of Superman. Elsewhere on this forum, people have suggested that game is good--but I have yet to try it for myself.)
Superman Returns for the Xbox 360 is also pretty good, not great. But good.
Superman Returns on the XBOX 360, eh? It sounds worth checking out, on the one condition that I now apply to every Superman game: that at no point am I asked to fly Supes through a series of rings! ;)
Didn't know about that Superman game for Xbox 360, so I checked it out and found a video reivew of IGN on YouTube. The impression I got is that it seems to be a decent game, I guess it gets better if you play it yourself than just watching from an audience perspective. Not to mention it's a 10 year old game but still manage to get at least a good impression off of me. Now if they can only create a sequel with better physics and graphics...

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