Bayonetta 2 or why I do love Nintendo


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Feb 18, 2013
So the WiiU is looking to get this title and I’m not all that surprised. The fact there may or may not be multiplayer is a bit more eyebrow raising, but over all I kind of expected this. Nintendo does have ties after all with Platinum Games (Mad World). That said they aren’t toning down anything (again not much of a surprise all things considered), and the battle systems seems to be even better than before. (How I wonder?) The best part of this I think is that it’s a WiiU exclusive – there is a pretty serious following for her and that’s an audience Nintendo would do well to grab. So any thoughts?
My thoughts are I can't wait to see her gorgeous body kicking the crap out of enemies in 1080p 60FPS on my 50inch LED TV. This game is literally the pinnacle of the action genre, and this game looks even more hectic then it's predecessor! If you watch the trailer on the WiiU Eshop, it looks incredible, a huge step up for the first one. This will be a day one but for me most certainly. Hopefully Ninty buys platinum, they would be a great edition to Nintendos first party lineup.
I know right! For anyone who has played Bayonetta this is a huge reason to invest in a WiiU, and of course it's a great sign for the future in terms of what games Nintendo is willing to include on their system. I am not waiting for this to drop because it's getting bought the first day. Also now that you mention the trailer I should probably see about including that in my first post. Let me go look it up.

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