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Apr 2, 2014
North Carolina
Super NES
Probably one of the chief reasons I got a wii-u, is anyone else excited for this game? The original was an awesome game and I loved the over the top , insane last boss! Have high expectations fot the sequel!
I'm really excited for Bayonetta 2. I hope it comes out this year. I never got to beat the first Bayonetta since I could only play it at a friend's house, but when this comes out I'll definitely pick it up.
Nice to see that the Wii-U is allowing more M-rated titles onto their console, the last thing we needed from the already crippled Wii-U was restriction on games we really want to play because of content problems.

I'm really looking forward to the Bayonetta game, but I don't think it will be able to save the Wii U from its eventual crash and burn. The Wii U has basically been emulating the Virtual Boy up till now, and we can only expect to see the same sort of ending from it.
I love Bayonette i just played it for the third time on the PS3. I will have to buy the Wii U just to play Bayonette 2 or just borrow my neices. The first Bayonnette game was funny and unique but it was way to short i was actually able to beat it in a day. i hope the second one is longer.
Never played it myself, but always meant to. Considering they're releasing both games in the same pack, I'll pick it up on the Wii U since that'll be more cost effective, and help show that we want proper games like this.
I never played the first one and with getting both for the Wii U for Christmas was a real treat. It only took me a few weeks to fully beat both games, although short I enjoyed the gameplay and story and got me to buy the anime movie on this as well.

A great series and hope to hear news on a 3rd one to get more of this series's great OST.