Been buying Wii games like crazy

Aug 27, 2013
Nintendo 2DS
Gamestop is selling Wii games for a good price. I just picked up 10 of them this month. Great deals. some of them are 89 cents.. Yesterday. I bought Mushroom Men & Drawn to life for the Wii.
Awesome, those are some great deals. I also picked up a lot of Wii games on discount around 2012-2013 when interest in the system was waning. Plenty of folks had given up on their Wii's or sold them, I remember how all the used stores started getting flooded with Wii's. People were just not buying any of the new Wii releases during that period and game stores had no choice but to discount like crazy.
That's pretty crazy that the value of Wii games has dropped so low already. I remember when Nintendo 64 was already a few years old and the games were still going for 20 bucks at Game Stop. Go figure. I guess there isn't as much of a demand for Wii games.
@AWESOMEWII good job! Kirby's Epic Yarn is great. Thats the first game my daughter and I finished together. May i ask how much it was?
Well I can certainly not blame anyone for taking advantage of good prices. Sometimes it is good to reawaken your love for a certain console too, which is always nice. I remember I never used to play the N64 after a while and then I came into a bunch of games for free and I played the console for a good month or so. If nothing else it is a good sense of nostalgia.
I notice all the price drops for Wii games from gamestop as well. I go there and also the movie trading company because they have a lot of cheap games for multiple systems.

I think they sell so cheap because the games no longer sell for the Wii like they used to, and gamestop probably has made so much profit off these titles, that they can just sell them for little to nothing. That's good for the consumers because someone like me who likes to collect games will take advantage of those deals.

The most Wii games I bought at once was 23, and I didn't even spend $100 dollars at gamestop that day.
The best part of owning a console for a long time is the price of games going down. Gamestop is a great place to pick up deals. Sometimes I find myself buying games that I do not even want when I go to Gamestop because of the price. I have definitely found some gems that I would not have bought on my own to begin with.
At 89 cents they aren't selling them, they are giving them away, I wonder why they lowered their prices so much, not that I'm complaining, but thanks for the heads up.

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