Been playing Final Fantasy 2 again

Thomas Ennis

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Jun 24, 2013
Super NES
I had this game downloaded on the WII for a while but I never played. A few days ago, I decided to dig out the WII controller and give the game another chance. The nostalgic feeling is high with this game. Compared to the newer games in the series, the story isn't much to write home about, but for the time, it was great. This game is harder then I remember, with a few frsutrating parts. What I hate about this game is that every other enemy has some kind of automatic counter attack and instant death move. Anyone play this game recently?
I've never been into the final fantasy games, I don't know why, they just never interested me. Although the new one coming out looks pretty good!
I'm right there with you OP. I had a phase last year where I went on to gamefaqs and checked out their top 10 rpg's and decided to try to beat them all. When I was younger I never really knew about RPG's, but as I got a little older they became my favorite genre. I was actually surprised by how nice these games look, but not only that, how hard they actually were to beat.

The first RPG I ever played was Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - it's not well revered in the online community, but I played it for hours on end and it got me hooked on the genre. It eventually lead me to playing a bunch of different RPG's as the consoles began to evolve. Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9 - Breath of Fire etc

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