Before I buy Animal Crossing: New Leaf, I need to ask a favor

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Jul 11, 2013
North Carolina, USA
I've been thinking about buying Animal Crossing: New Leaf, however I need someone who has the game to do a favor for me before I buy it.

Let me explain why I'm asking first. My 3DS's control pad down button is jammed and will continue to press itself and I can not stop it. So any game that requires the down button on the control pad as a main form of control usually limits my gameplay. Such as Kingdom Hearts 3D, my action command menu scrolled downwards on its own and would not let me use an attack in that list due to the constant scrolling. I had to beat the game with the keyblade's basic attacks, reality shifts, flowmotions, and rely on dream eaters abilities to heal me. Another example is Heroes of Ruin. I could not attack at all. So I gave it to my brother for Christmas due to the inability to get past the first 2 minutes of gameplay.

so here's the favor. I need someone with AC:NL to go into the game, preferably start a new character to see if problems arise from the beginning of the game, and hold the down button while trying to play the game. Tell me if it limits movement, NPC interactions, basic actions such as using tools, picking flowers, etc. please test thoroughly for me and tell me if it limits anything and what is limited and what isn't. Make sure to hold the D-Pad down button at all times while testing it.

thanks to anyone who takes time out of their day to help me!
I would contact Nintendo customer service, if you still have a warranty I would definately get that fixed. If you need to, buy a new 3DS. I'm getting AC:NL this weekend so I will tell you if I experience any issues by doing what you said. I assume I will though.
The warranty expired last year unfortunately. I contacted Nintendo about it, only to find out my warranty extension was no longer valid. I've posted on a couple other forums before this one, including the Nintendo Tech Support forums. One person on the tech forums said that he hasn't tested it but it would probably limit gameplay due to the down button constantly equipping/unequipping the tools, this causing the character to stop moving while its equipping/unequipping constantly. One person on the NintendoLife forums said it probably wouldn't limit gameplay, only interfere with the tool equipping.
I'm going to have to have an admin close this topic (unless I can do it myself since I created it) because I found out I CAN play AC:NL. My cousin got it for his 11th birthday a couple days ago and let me play it on my 3DS to see if it works. It works fine. There's no interference with the down button at all.
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